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rjh design, Freestyle
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  • Petrichor is a freestyle single page project based on the Void Blank Theme.
    It uses only BWD stacks (donation ware) and the original Stacks' image container.

    The project uses a warehoused image for the background, but you might like to add RWextra's Background Stretcher, or DeFliGra's Background Fiddler instead, to make the structure a little clearer.

    rjh webdesign

Rapid Ideas, Kube
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  • DEW is based on Kube. Kube is a responsive, grid based framework that is ideal for use on screens of any size. Kube is compatible with all modern browsers, including IE 9+.

    DEW is an extremely flexible theme with a wide range of editable settings which will allow you to set up uniquely styled websites with a minimum of effort and within a very short time.

1LD, Bootstrap
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  • Asgard is not a new theme, it is a massive update of an older theme from 1LD. Asgard has a number of new features, but the most important change is that the theme has been ported to Bootstrap, ensuring stability and fast loading times.

    When you come to install Asgard, you'll find not only the theme itself, but a folder full of Snippets, Theme Styles, Stacks and Photos plus a demo project. You'll do well to install the Theme Styles at least, because the 'New Asgard' style automatically has the new options activated.

WeaverThemes, Bootstrap
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  • Nicely minimalistic with a flat, modern design, Shift is based on a Bootstrap and allows content to reflow, whilst maintaining a stylishly clean appearance. Shift's cleanliness is partially due to the six modern custom fonts that have been included with the theme, although at 12 px maximum size, the font sizes are just a little too small. Optional animations, triggered by scroll events, immediately capture your visitor's attention. The basic animations can expand by visiting Animate.css.

Archetypon, Foundation
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  • Polygrid is a masonry style theme – a grid based pattern which allows blocks of content to stack up on the page like the bricks of a wall. Being a responsive theme, the blocks will slide around on the page and re-stack themselves as the page gets smaller. Being Foundation-based means that if you wish to add or modify page elements, there are hundreds of code snippets on Zurb's website which will help you build just about anything you wish.

1LD, Pure
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  • Freestyle themes always involve a learning curve. 1LD's website explains most of what you need to know about Pure and it pays to take a look at those pages. A Pure Core stack is required on each page, it adds the core CSS elements to your site. Pure allows the use of local fonts. Pure is based on a grid of six columns. Each column is activated or deactivated in the HUD by setting its proportion in relation to the other columns 1/4-25% : 3/4-75%, for instance. Asymmetric settings, such as 25% : 50%, are also possible as long as the total doesn't exceed 100%.

rjh design, Foundation
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  • Skyline is a single page Foundation based project featuring a large background image with mobile friendly semi parallax effect.

    The project uses BWD stacks (donation ware).

    rjh webdesign

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  • Duo is a theme that might just change the way you think about web design – Duo is all about the sidebar.
    Duo splits the screen down the middle. Two bold, vertical columns of content. Less is more. It certainly looks stylish.
    The first thing you are going to want to do, is set the basic Theme Style for Duo. Not an easy thing to do, because there are 21 to choose from!  
    You then have a choice of ten background images and of course, if you can't find one that you like, you can choose a flat colour or replace the images with your own.
    If you like web fonts, Duo won't disappoint you – There are 20 Google Fonts to choose from too.

1LD, Foundation
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  • Sweep is a theme that, at the moment, is aimed specifically at Stacks pages. It works to an extent with standard RapidWeaver pages, the contact form works well for instance, but otherwise the results are not ideal – purely and simply because standard RapidWeaver pages have to be placed as external pages and not within the single page layout. Sweep includes a theme and three stacks. The stacks are Sweep Page, Sweep External Link and Sweep Slider.

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  • An intriguing theme, built with parallelograms – and responsive too. It has been especially optimised for Nexus and Galaxy tablets and has options for the iPad and iPhone. Upon opening a page you are presented with a full-screen image. The page content will then slide up onto the screen or fade in, leaving the image visible through a diagonal cut-out. The result is pages that really grab your attention. The page animations can be disabled.

Joe Workman, Foundation
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  • Foundation for RapidWeaver uses the latest technology to sky rocket your site into the modern era. Not to mention that it's built for speed! It's so fast that it leaves IE8 in the dust. The site you are viewing is a Foundation site. Foundation websites are compact and load with amazing speed. The resulting websites are only basically compatible with IE8! It's time to break with ancient technology. With Foundation, the motto is “Mobile First”. You build for small devices first.

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  • Vertigo is a theme loaded with style, modern web features and functionality. Take advantage an animated, user focused navigation menu, 3 responsive slideshow effects, and more. Vertigo has a built-in slideshow with 3 different transitions — a horizontal slider, vertical slider, and fade option. No need to purchase any further plugins. Vertigo makes customization easy with dozens of options to provide full control over the look and feel of your website.

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