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Scroll Mate 2 for RapidWeaver
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Scroll Mate 2 for RapidWeaver

In April 2015, BWD released Scroll Mate. Now, twelve months after the total rewrite was initiated, Andrew has finally released Scroll Mate 2. This post is a few days late; I didn't have time to test the beta version and it's taken me a while to delve into the settings. Sorry about that.

Scroll Mate 2 will animate any stack that you drop into it, even those that are notorious for not functioning when they are not visible on page load. The animation takes place within the distance that the screen content is scrolled. See below.

Let's take a look at what Scroll Mate 2 can do…

Animation Trigger defines when the animation begins. The options: Top Edge – Animates the stack from when the top of the container enters the viewport to when it exits. Bottom Edge - From when the bottom of the container enters the viewport to when it exits. In view – From when the top of the container enters the viewport to when the bottom exits.
Start and End Percentage define the scroll distance during which the animation takes place. The speed of the animation is controlled by the start and end percentages. The shorter the range, the faster the animation; the higher the range, the slower the animation.
Direction defines the start and end state of the animation. Animate From begins with Scroll Mate's transition settings and transitions to the stack settings. Animate To does the reverse.
The Crop button limits the effect to the vertical scrolling boundaries of the document. Leaving the boundaries uncropped allows elements to remain unaffected by enter effects when they are near the top of the page or by exit effects near the bottom.
Once Only sets the animation to deactivate once it has scrolled up off the page. Elements that are unable to scroll off the page – a footer, for instance – will continue to animate when the page is scrolled.
The Contain button restricts the animation to the boundaries of the Scroll Mate container. This can be unchecked in order to allow animations to proceed across the full width and height of the browser. However, many 'traditional' RW themes limit content to a maximum width. ScrollMate cannot break out of these boundaries. With Freeform themes such as Foundation, FSR, Pure and BootSnap the full width of the browser can be utilised for your animations.
Position allows Scroll Mate to float within its parent container.

Scroll Mate 2 – Big White Duck

Inertia sets the 'mass' of the animated object.
Start Delay sets when the inertia easing begins.
Easing applies easing to the inertia effect.

Opacity sets the translucency of the stack at the beginning of the transition.
Move X – A positive value entered into Move X, will move the content from right to left, whilst a negative value will reverse that movement.
Move Y – A positive value for Move Y will animate the content upwards and a negative value downwards as it enters the transition area. Combining the X and Y axes will cause a diagonal transition to take place.
Units may be set in each of the above cases to determine the amount of movement.
Scale (X, Y Z) sets the size of the stack at the beginning of the transition, allowing stacks to zoom into the page by either getting larger or smaller. Setting the Z scale in combination with X and/or Y translations, causes a transition up or down the Z axis – the '3rd dimension'. It allows your content to get larger and smaller to simulate the 3rd dimension in a 2d space.
Rotate X will rotate Scroll Mate's contents along the horizontal axis during the animation.
Rotate Y will rotate along the vertical axis. Entering values into both boxes will spin the contents along both axis simultaneously but may cause severe motion sickness. A value of 720º will cause your content to rotate twice.
Rotate Z will rotate the content along the Z axis.
Origin sets the origin of the rotation.
Use 3D (add perspective) allows use of the Z axis effects causing your content to appear as if it gets closer or further away.
Touch Devices – animations may be deactivated for touch devices either for each instance of Scroll Mate, or page wide.

The really big changes, when compared to the original Scroll Mate, are new basic positioning controls and child stacks for advanced positioning, backgrounds which allow scroll controlled fade ins of backgrounds etc. (See BWD's demo file). The other really big new feature is the ability to use units other than px. It is now possible to use % or even browser units (vw vh) to move stacks responsively and consistently.
The inertia is really like a transition time so that the speed of movement can now be independent of the % start and % stop settings. In fact, in many of the BWD demo's it is used in "trigger mode" where the start and the stop %'s are the same (or 1% apart) and therefore just used to fire the animation whose speed is completely dependent on the intertia time.

Scroll triggered animations are not supported by some older browsers which shall remain nameless. The stack degrades gracefully, allowing your page to display normally with all content being shown as static content without the animations.

Conclusion: Forget all those other animation stacks which limit themselves to five or ten different transitions! Scroll Mate was great; Scroll Mate 2 is brilliant! Scroll Mate 2 can live alongside the original version of Scroll Mate in your library, these are two different stacks. Oh, and your animations may be nested!
Animate responsibly and don't forget to make a donation, Andrew will appreciate it!

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