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If you have just purchased and downloaded the Foundation theme from Joe Workman, you may be feeling slightly overwhelmed by the abundance of new stacks in your library.

The typical Foundation novice has built a few sites in RapidWeaver, got tired of the standard themes and wants to try his/her own hand at theme design. So he/she's looked around and discovered Foundation – which looks cool. So let's download the theme and get started – but then, with all those new stacks…

So why not let  Jochen Abitz come to your aid. Jochen is a German web designer, who also develops Foundation 'themes'. There's a lot to be learned, even from his simplest project, California.
A word of warning in advance, though — you'll need to download a couple of (donation ware) stacks from Big White Duck [BWD] before you can dive in. Header Pro; Paragraph Pro, Sections Pro and Scroll Mate.
While you're on the BWD Sections page, you may want to download Sections Box too – for future use.

California is an appealing theme and the project will allow you to drop in your own text and images and have a shiny new Foundation site up and running in no time ('null Komma nix' as the Germans say).

Thanks to Scroll Mate and Foundation's own Animate,  California is also animated, so that when you scroll the page, certain elements will discreetly appear or, as in the case of the title header, disappear.

Once you've unpacked  California, the first thing you'll want to do, is duplicate the project so that you can play around with it. California is a RW6 project, so you will need either RW version 6 or 7 to open it (it will be migrated to RW7 when opened there). Now you can set to work and drop in your own content, play around with the stacks, get to know both Foundation and Sections and let yourself be influenced by a professional designer's expertise.

The  California project contains four pages, each with a different colour scheme and uses a sticky TopBar with a the site title inserted. Once you have decided which of the colour schemes you'd like to use (or you can play around with the Foundation Site Styles until you hit on the exact colours you wish to use), you can duplicate the page and set to work – keep the other three pages for now, you may need to reference them. You will want to delete or replace Jochen's top headline bar before you continue – I mean, Jochen's designs are good, but you won't want to broadcast to the whole world that this isn't 'all my own work' now, will you?

California's main content on three of the pages is set within a white background (using a background overlay child stack in the main Sections stack –take a look, you'll quickly find it). The fonts used for both the Headlines and content are set in the Site Styles to use a Google Font – Lora. If you'd prefer different fonts, the are easily altered – there are over 800 to choose from. The fourth page is a dark Theme with a black background and white fonts.
The overall effect is a very professional presentation. It goes without saying that  California is mobile friendly – it is Foundation, after all.

Jochen Abitz'  California project for Foundation is the ideal starting point to get to grips with Foundation and BWD (and nobody uses foundation without at least one BWD stack any more), so if you're a newbie to Foundation, or even a seasoned designer and need a quick solution for a customer with a tight schedule, take a look at Jochen's site.

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