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Asgard – a new Bootstrap theme
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Asgard – a new Bootstrap theme

Asgärd is one of the Nordic Nine Worlds and home to the well known location Valhalla, in which Odin rules. Asgard is a land more fertile than any other, blessed with a great abundance of gold and jewels. Correspondingly, the Æsir excelled beyond all other people in strength, beauty and talent.

Asgard is not a new theme, it is a massive update of an older theme from 1LD. Asgard has a number of new features, but the most important change is that the theme has been ported to Bootstrap, ensuring stability and fast loading times.

When you come to install  Asgard, you'll find not only the theme itself, but a folder full of Snippets, Theme Styles, Stacks and Photos plus a demo project. You'll do well to install the Theme Styles at least, because the 'New Asgard' style automatically has the new options activated.

Asgard is not a theme that you will simply set for your new project and then let rip.
One of the main new features is a touch-friendly banner slideshow with parallax effect. If you wish to use it, you'll need to find out how it works first. 

The slideshow is simple to set up, once you know how – insert as many images into your new page as you need for your slideshow and then edit the image names to include the word 'slide'.

For the parallax captions, you need to add text stacks containing 
<div class=caption>[your caption goes here]</div>
to your page – as many divs as you have images. If you want one of the images from the slideshow not to display a caption, you need to add the empty caption div. 

asgard caption

Make sure the div is set to ignore formatting, but the caption text is set to honour the formatting — that way, you can format your text as you need it. An image can be pasted inside the div instead of a caption text, if you prefer.

The theme setup has a list of options as long as my arm. At first glance, it is quite overwhelming. You can set the colour for just about everything – including background gradients for the eight Extra Content Areas.


Asgard has a lightbox for the Gallery that immediately reminds me of 1LD's Ice Box stack. The page fades to white when an image is opened and simple chevrons allow navigation from one image to the next. The image captions appear upon hover, in a coloured box set into the side of the thumbnail.

I found the body font size in Asgard rather too small – my eyes aren't what they used to be – but that was quickly rectified using RapidWeaver 6's new global CSS function. Font size will be a source of argument between web designers for years to come yet.

Asgard is fully responsive and looks great at all screen sizes. It comes with Font Awesome 'pre-installed' and presents a striking design which is appealing through its clarity. 

Due to the Bootstrap base, Asgard sites load quickly and smoothly, with 1LD's trademark fade-in effect (which can be deactivated). An introductory orientation is necessary before an initial project can be built, but the result will be an engaging website.

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