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Shadows and Gradients in RapidWeaver
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Shadows and Gradients in RapidWeaver

Doobox has just released two new stacks – Shadow and Gradient. Each stack does exactly what it says on the tin, and each stack does it well.

Gradient. When you place a gradient stack on your page, it has a container into which you can drop any other stack. All you need to do now is set a start and an end colour and Gradient will create a smooth CSS gradient behind those stacks. Yes, I was underwhelmed too – until i compared the options with some of those available with similar stacks. And, when I say it creates a smooth gradient, I mean smooth.

Gradient doesn't stop at simple gradients, though. In between the start and end colours, you will find options to set two midpoint colours to create an undulating gradient. You'll need to be careful with the midpoints though – while a rainbow may be desirable in rare cases, you'll probably want to stick with more moderate designs.

Obviously, if you're placing text over a gradient, your theme's colours are not always going to be a perfect choice. Gradient's setting 'Override Text Colours' will allow you to set the appearance of Headers, Text and Links individually.

Gradient - Shadow

Shadow. If shadows are your thing, you will appreciate Shadow which supplies two different options: shadows for text and shadows for boxes. The settings for Text Shadow are straightforward, you can set both the Horizontal and the Vertical offset, the Blur Radius and the colour.

Box Shadow has an extra setting for Spread and also adds Borders and Frames. Frames will add coloured padding to your image, while Border will add a coloured margin. Setting the option for Radius will round the outer edges of the border. if your containing stack happens to be wider than the image, Image Alignment may be set to left, right or centre. The shadow may also be inset.

Shadow isn't the first stack that can add shadows to stack elements, but it is the first that I've seen that has options for both text and boxes. In the same way, Gradient also isn't the first stack that can add gradient backgrounds, but it is the first that I've discovered that will override your theme settings whilst producing pixel-perfect gradients.

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