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Flexible Grid Stack For RapidWeaver

"I'll be back…", he said. And here he is as Gridinator! You may already have heard about Weavium – they are a new stacks developer with currently four stacks in their lineup. They're so new (a couple of months), that they aren't even listed on RapidWeaverCentral yet (shame on you Marten…) and little is known about them/her/him.
Weavium announced two stacks yesterday 'Image Card' and 'Gridinator'. More about Image Card at a later date.

Gridinator is, as the name implies, 'The Simplest And Most Robust Grid Stack That You've Ever Seen' (taken directly from the developers web page). And it is great stack.
Build a grid with up to 50 (in words – fifty!) columns and fill the columns with whatever you please.
A single column can span multiple grid sections making Gridinator very adjustable. Build just about any page structure that you can imagine.

Weavium Gridinator

The page section pictured above was built in just five minutes without having previously read a manual. And that includes the addition of Image Card (left column).

When you drop a Gridnator stack onto your page, you'll see a container for the first column, into which you can drop your stacks. The + button will add a child stack for the next column. The stacks interface is rather interesting – it displays a simplified image that shows how Gridinator will display on a desktop, tablet, and mobile.

Weavium Gridnator
Stack settings

Trouble Shooting
Show Edit Helpers – Displays a frame around each column in both edit and preview mode and displays the breakpoints.
No Outer Gutters – Deactivated by default
Max Width
Tablet Break
Mobile Break
Columns > Desktop – Number of Columns Per Row
Gutter Width – Left, Right
Column Padding – Horzontal. Vertical
The Column settings are repeated for Tablet and Mobile.
And that's all there is to it.

Weavium has a special introductory offer with 25% off – and the offer includes Image Card. So grab it while its hot. You won't be disappointed.
And about Image Card — I'll be back…


Tilt – Diagonal Lines For RapidWeaver

I've been looking at diagonal lines as a design element for my next website.
I now need to look no further.

With  TILT from MultiThemes, Michelangelo has answered a lot of my questions. An intriguing theme, built with parallelograms – and responsive too. It has been especially optimised for Nexus and Galaxy tablets and has options for the iPad and iPhone. How cool is that? 

TILT's homepage didn't appeal to me when I first opened it, but zapping through the demo site, the whole design grew on me. Upon opening a page you are presented with a full-screen image. The page content will then slide up onto the screen or fade in, leaving the image visible through a diagonal cut-out. The result is pages that really grab your attention. The page animations can be disabled.


TILT incorporates a couple of interesting and unusual features. First: When the screen is reduced to tablet or smartphone size, a mobile menu is activated – it slides in with its own triangular container and activates a dropdown where all pages and sub-pages are visible. The second unusual feature: Three Extra Content Areas [ECA] can be activated on each page – but ECA 3 can be implemented as an accordion, triggered by a text or Font Awesome Icon. Finally, RapidWeaver galleries feature round thumbnails instead of the standard rectangular images.

TILT has settings for 7 front and 7 background colours (for the parallelograms), 6 background images a number of background tiles and is delivered with 13 different different fonts.
I'm not keen on having to choose 'Colour 1' as opposed to 'Purple' or 'Light Purple' and as a typographer, I like to know if I'm working with Abel or Open Sans instead of 'Font 12', but that is just a matter of personal taste.

I searched for a long time for settings for the standard paragraph font without finding it. Michelangelo has supplied a PDF-handbook on the DMG, that explains not only how to set up fonts, but also code examples for animating headlines and the content of ECAs. The demo site is also included as a RW6 Project for your reference.

TILT is available for an introductory period with a 25% price reduction.


WeaverThings 5 is born …

WeaverTings 5 from WeaverThings, Review By Rob Hall, CEO at rjh Web Design Rating: 5 out of 5. A bundle of eight shiny new stacks for WeaverThings to brighten up your web page.!

Marten Claridge has appeared, bleary-eyed, from his tiny back-room in Edinburgh. 

He secreted himself away for a number of weeks, to create a bundle of eight shiny new WeaverThings to make your next RapidWeaver site sparkle. WeaverThings 5 is born.

In alphabetical order –

AdThing: You need an advertisement and you need it fast. AdThing is a talented stack that will layer any stack — or multiple stacks — over an image. The image can be graduated from left to right or vice versa and can fade to white or any colour you choose. Layer a text and a button over your image for instance; a contact form and a translucent png, the possibilities are endless. Repeat the whole process with a circular button overlay. Rinse well and your perfect ad is finished.
AdThing is fully responsive and has an option to hide the inset below a definable breakpoint.



AlertThing: Do people tend to not listen to what you have to say? No-one is going to miss this message!
A rotating barber's pole* takes up the whole height of the stack and just turns and turns and …
The barber's pole can be set to any colour you choose and set to narrow or wide. And when your eyes begin to water, just click the bulletin away. Got the message this time?
*The barber's pole here is only a cheap imitation.


id you ever want dropped capitals on your website? Your wish just became reality with DropCapThing. DropCapThing is really simple to use — drag a text box into the DropCapThing stack, set the size and colour of the dropped capital, choose ‘bold’ if you wish — always looks good — and the first letter grows to span four lines of text — with the standard settings — more, or less if you prefer.

HotelModeThing: If you are building a website to present a portfolio of any kind, HotelModeThing will come in handy. Present an image with a caption in the top left corner and a linked text in the bottom right corner. You don’t need to be advertising hotels, it could be a portfolio of websites, works of art, used cars — whatever you have in your dossier.  Hover to Preview

LetterBoxThing: Did you ever visit a british house? There’s a hole in the door with a flap on it that is ideal for secretly observing your neighbours. It’s called a letterbox.
LetterBoxThing is a stack container that will accept any other stack. When your user hovers over the stack, a flap folds down and displays the text of your choice. The flap can be configured to stick to the left margin of your stack and will expand to accept your text; or it can cover the whole width of your stack with your text on the left or centred. 
The colour of both the letterbox and the flap can be set to suit your mood, as can the text. 
There are various formatting options for the text and the whole letterbox can be used as a link. The flap can also be fixed to be on permanent display. Preview 'up'Preview 'down'

LinkEffectThing: Web-links are boring, right? Traditionally royal blue and underlined. Well that just changed! LinkEffectThing gives you 20 (in words: twenty) different effects to make your links more compelling …
Override your site’s settings and display your links in any colour you please. Underlined, double underlined, underlaid … and have them expand, become bracketed, overlaid upon mouse hover. With twenty different effects, the right combination for your site is bound to be present!

PolyCapThing: Do you remember DiagonalThing? At first glance, PolyCapThing is similar. An image container with a polygonal text container below it. The angle of the diagonal division can be set to suit your taste, as can the colour of the container and the text therein. The aha-effect: when you hover over the container, a box slides across both text and image and a caption flows into it. An elegant way to present additional information for your products. Preview

PopThing: A button that pops up over a stack’s content when the mouse hovers over it! PopThing displays a round popup with a short text — ideal for prices, captions etc. Set the button colour, text format; a shadow if you wish and a link. Your page is ready to pop! Preview

Download the complete  bundle at a discounted price, or any of the stacks separately using the links above.


Brandon Lee Themes Introduces "Summer"

BLT has just released the extremely versatile Summer Theme


Welcome to the Summer theme from BLT for RapidWeaver. By creating a balance between customisation and thematic layout, the theme's features make the project creation process much simpler and more enjoyable. Built for beginners and advanced users alike, Summer utilises several style options to lend you tremendous control over your next project.

The Summer theme is fully loaded with style, project versatility and functionality. Take advantage of several features including a responsive design, 3 responsive slideshow effects, unique mobile menu and much more. BLT has also hand selected some of the most bold, elegant, and classic font choices including Font Awesome 4 so your project can present itself in a class of its own.

Summer makes customization easy with tons of options to give you tremendous control over the look and feel of your website. With just the click of your button, you may change a number of elements and features in your project by utilizing the following possibilities found in your page inspector including 5 banner area options, 33 color options, and several font style options. You may view Summer's "Tutorials" pages to learn more about how to implement options more complex as seen throughout the preview site.


Collect – a simple way for clients to send you files

By Michael Frankland of Yuzool Themes

Easily collect files from clients and get projects finished.

Collect is a simple and user-friendly way for clients to send you their files and for you to collect what you need. Photos, videos, docs and archives, clients drag and drop and you download. No more email mess and attachment hell.


Email is good, but limited; DropBox kinda works; but if you wanted to build a client area on your freelance site to collect files from your clients, you can with Collect stack. Collect works with video, images, text, pdf, Word. Create a "collect" page, send clients there and collect stuff without worrying about email SPAM, attachment quotas and other friction.

It is easy to change the stack's colours to blend into your site. Make it smooth. Change the text of the title and button to any language. Go and collect the stuff you need to get the job done.

Use the coupon: b2g1free through to Wednesday 27th August Midnight JST to get 3 Stacks for-the-price-of 2 today! 


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