Did You Ever Wonder What Your RapidWeaver Project Looks Like On A Nexus?
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Did You Ever Wonder What Your RapidWeaver Project Looks Like On A Nexus?

… or a Google Pixel, a Galaxy S7, or just wanted to check the display on your iPhone 7 without actually uploading the project?
Blisk to the rescue!
There have been a couple of dual pane browsers before, but none of them were really reliable. They would display a rendering of your website at a specific width, but wouldn't actually attempt to emulate your device. Blisk Does.

I've been using Blisk for some time now and find it to be quite reliable at showing me what my website will look like on various devices. Not 100%, of course, but my impression is 95% of the time.

I currently use a Galaxy S4. Not by choice, but I slipped and fell on my premium mobile, rendering it all but useless. I've used Blisk numerous times to simulate a site's rendering on a Galaxy S4 and have found it reliable enough to make alterations before uploading. The S4 is a fickle device and if Blisk can render a project reliably for the S4, then I'm pretty certain that the other renderings are also reliable.

You'll find that there are two 'versions' of Blisk: a standard and a premium version. The standard version works for a couple of hours and then asks you to return later for your next session. As I seldom use Blisk more often than twice a day, I find this o.k. The premium version is quite pricy at $9.99/month, or $101.88/year, but, if you use it on a regular basis, possibly worth the money.

So what is Blisk exactly? Blisk is a freemium, Chromium-based web browser that aims to improve productivity and code quality by providing a wide array of tools for Web development and testing for different type of devices: desktop, tablet and mobile. Blisk comes with a seemingly endless pre-installed set of phones and tablets in emulated mode that makes it easy for developers to test how their code renders across multiple devices and browsers. The feature is used to compare how design responds to different screen resolutions and pixel ratios. Emulation functionality enables testing page behavior in various environments without having to rely on actual devices, but emulating them directly on a PC or Mac.
As the current machine that I use for website development is a MacBook Pro, I often wondered what my sites looked like on a large screen. Now I know that they can look quite terrible!


Blisk has a number of useful features – it can take screenshots and make videos, which are stored online, it displays errors during page load, has a page inspector and can rotate the device being emulated. Scroll sync is activated by default, so your current position on the page is always mirrored in both portions of the screen.

I suggest that, if you haven't already tried it, you give Blisk shot. If you decide to use it multiple times a day, then the time limit will be annoying, but a quick glance (directly from RW, of course; Blisk appears as one of the browsers for the preview) at how your page looks on the Galaxy Edge, is always useful.

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