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Flex – A New Accordion For RapidWeaver

Weavium's collection of stacks is rapidly expanding. The latest Weavium stack, Flex, is a new take on an old theme – Accordions in RapidWeaver.

There are a dozen accordion stacks available for RapidWeaver. Some are themed, many can be freely customised and now there is Flex, a stack that many Weavers will find interesting due to its configurability, or should I say Flexibility?

When you hover over a Flex drawer, its height expands to indicate that is ready to be clicked. When you click, the header shrinks again, changes colour and the accordion opens. The accordion drawers may be formatted collectively, or individually – the choice is yours. The collective formatting overrides the individual formatting.
You have a wide choice of fonts and icons for the accordion title and there is an optional button with a neat animated slide effect to open, or close all of the drawers at once.

Flex – Weavium
Stack settings
Open All On Start – Deactivated by default
Collapse Siblings – Active by default – when a drawer is clicked the previous drawer closes.
Max Width – px
Breakpoints – Tablet, Mobile
Header Padding – Vertical, Horizontal
Content Padding – Vertical, Horizontal
Title – Desktop, Tablet, Mobile – px
Icon – D, T, M –px
Dropdown Icon – D, T, M – px
Container Text – D, T, M – px
Header Font – 16 optional web fonts, plus custom
Content Font – Dito
All Caps Headers – deactivated by default

There now follows a long list of colour (including gradients and images) settings for Flex's settings for each static, hover and active states; colour settings for the Open All button and the option to deactivate said button.

Flex Item
Open This Item on Start
Icon Font – Three optional Icon Fonts, plus Custom
Header Title [colour] – Open, Closed
Header Icon [colour] – Open, Closed
Header Overlay [colour] – visible when active
Content Text [colour]
Content Overlay
Background Colour – Static Drawer colour

Flex's appeal lies not only with the slick animations that it delivers, but also with the total configurability of, if called for, each of the accordion drawers.


Skyward – Overlapping RapidWeaver Content

Until quite recently, overlapping content in RapidWeaver was challenging and required the careful nesting of a couple of stacks. Last week Gary at Doobox supplied us with an elegant new solution. Skyward.

With Skyward any elements that you drop inside the stack will automatically be moved up and over the stack that precedes it. No experiment, or nesting is necessary and the interesting thing is that not the stack, but the stack's contents are moved upwards.

Skyward is extremely straightforward to use, the only settings are the amount of overlap in px for large, medium and small screen sizes, breakpoint definitions and an option to define the z-Index, so that theoretically, Skyward can also be positioned underneath other stacks.

Skyward – Doobox

So what can you place inside of Skyward? Well, just about anything from an image/logo, text stacks, or even a slider. All work perfectly.

Skyward – Doobox
Once you've placed your overlapping content within Skyward, you can continue to add further content and perhaps a background colour and text content (as above), or you can add further stacks below it.

Skyward is the ideal stack for overlapping content. No bells, no whistles, just drop in your content, define the amount of overlap and go!


Full Menu For RapidWeaver

Do you use UIKit, Foundation, or Foundry in combination with RapidWeaver? If so, you might be looking for a fresh new page navigation. Weaver's Kingdom [Archetypon] has just released Full Menu aimed at websites with no more than ten (10) pages. Full Menu is an interesting alternative to the default menu configurations for simple sites.

Full Menu adds a full page overlay displaying your site contents for navigation purposes and can optionally add page descriptions. Full Menu can be fixed at the top of the page, or scroll up out of sight when the page is scrolled. When activated via a choice of three different hamburger icons, it can fade in to cover your page, or drop down from the top of the page.

Full Menu – Weaver's Kingdom
Just as with the default navigation, Full Menu can optionally display the site name, site logo and slogan. It can also display an additional stack of your choice – for a separate logo, for instance, or for a title (as above). It can also display an additional stack of your choice below the menu content. Interesting is the fact that the site logo can be displayed at sizes between 50 and 200px.

Full Menu – Weaver's Kingdom

Full Menu is fully editable (it automatically uses the default paragraph font) so that the overlay background colour may be set to match that of your site and the font sizes and colours may be determined separately.

Full Menu – Weaver's Kingdom
Page descriptions for up to ten pages can be set individually and are displayed below each page link. As already stated, Full Menu is meant for simple websites, so sub-pages are not displayed as such.

Stack settings
Postion – Fixed, Scroll
Display – Default (hamburger right, slogan etc. left) Inverted (hamburger left, slogan etc. right)
Background – Transparent, Colour
Content – Logo & Titles, Logo & Custom Content

Type – Hamburger 1, Hamburger 2, Hamburger 3
Diameter – Hamburger line thickness
Buttons [Colour] – Open, Close
Background – Transparent, Colour

Size – 50px—200px
Title Desktop [Colour] – Link, Hover
Slogan [Colour]
Titles Mobile [Colour]

Overlay – Reveal, Slide Down
Transition Speed – Seconds 0—3 seconds
Content – Navigation & Dropzone, Dropzone Centred, Dropzone

Menu Items [Colour] – Link, Hover
Desktop Size
Mobile Size
Descriptions size – em
Colours – Link, Hover
Description – 1—10

Full Menu is an interesting alternative to the default UIKit, Foundation and Foundry default menus. It is likely to find widespread usage on more simple sites.


Stack Me – Content Alignment in RapidWeaver

A left-aligned text on the right-hand side of the page. That's easy enough. Drop it into the last column of a three-column stack. You can even add a background image.
But what if you want the content to be exactly 40% of the page height, with the content vertically centred and with a colour overlay over the image.
Now things begin to get complicated. It's possible by nesting the right combination of stacks, or with Stack Me, a new stack from Der Flinke Grafiker, otherwise known as DeFliGra.

Tommy's new Stack Me stack will help you align your content flexibly, letting you break out of the constraints of the sometimes inflexible 12-column layouts of framework based themes such as Foundation and Foundry.

Stack Me adds a full width section to your page and let's you add child stacks with different content: Header, Text, Image, Float and Button. Stack Me's width may, of course, be constrained by dropping it into a container stack.
The Header, Text, Image and Button child stacks are straightforward, the Float stack adds a text stack with a container for other stacks. The child stacks can be combined as needed. The only thing missing is a child stack for third party stacks.
However, noticing that the child stacks are standard Stacks 3 stacks, I simply dragged in some other stacks – and was surprised to find that that works too.

Stack Me – DeFliGra
Once you've added your choice of content, you may define Stack Me's minimum height and the content alignment, add an optional image background – which may be fixed – and a colour overlay. The setup is fast and simple and saves you the trouble of experimenting with nested stacks.

Stack Me – DeFliGra
Stack settings
Fix Background Image – >1025 px On, <1025 px Off
Min Height – %
Vertical [orientation] – Top, Centre, Bottom
Horizontal – Left, Centre, Right
Padding – T, B, L, R – %
Colour On/Off – BG, Txt, Link, MO (Mouse Over)
Colour On/Off – H1—H4 individually
Colour Store – Tommy's famous colour reservoir. Save up to four default colours and drag them into the colour wells above
Target – Add an ID to fill the Stack Me container with an image
Tile – Remove Min Height, 100%, My Choice [custom]
Custom CSS – it wouldn't be a DeFliGra stack without a bucket full of custom CSS containers

Stack Me is a great stack for when you need to align your content exactly where you want it, but with the addition of custom backgrounds.


Testimonials in RapidWeaver

An eon ago, I purchased cleanQuotes from One Little Designer. I used it for a while, but then decided to build my own quote slider which, with variations, I've used ever since. cleanQuotes is getting a little long in the tooth. It was built for Stacks 2 and while cQ is quite versatile, the interface reflects its age. 1LD has just taken another look at cleanQuotes and decided to revitalise the stack. The result is a fresh new stack – Testimonials.

Testimonials is a crisp new take on quotes. A slider with a thousand options that allow you to present your quotes exactly as you want them. There's not a single design aspect that can't be altered. Take a peek at the stack settings and you'll see what I mean. You could spend the whole day tweaking and refining!

When you drag the stack into an RW Stacks page, you are presented with a single child stack that contains your first quote. The default quote is a black and dark grey design. Perhaps not appropriate for every site, so you're going to want to change the colours of the background, decide on your font format and colour (the usual 1LD collection of 13 fonts, plus custom are available), set the format and size of the quotation marks, or hide them top and/or bottom (again, there is the choice of 13+ fonts for the quotation marks).
Further, you can choose the font (13+) for the name, or hide the name entirely and you can choose between star ratings, or hearts, or hide the rating. Finally you can display an Icon above, or below the slider. In the child stack settings, you can replace the icon with an image of your choice…
… Oh and then there's the slider buttons which can also be hidden if you only have a single quote, or have set Testimonials to 'Autoplay'.

Stack settings
No, absolutely not. I refuse! If I list all of the possible settings, I'll still be here next week and this post would be three feet long. Suffice it to say, they are endless!

Testimonials is a great replacement for cleanQuotes and if you previously purchased cQ, you can expect a special upgrade offer to land in your inBox very soon.


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