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Galleries in Rapidweaver

Like anyone else who produces websites, I've been asked a couple of times to put a gallery online
"... and I'd like to be able to change the images myself ..."

Well, anything is possible and there are a number of elegant-looking gallery stacks out there. The only problem is, they require thumbnail sized previews. This means that, to be able to change images within the gallery the customer must create the image for the lightbox plus the thumbnail to exact sizes and following an exact naming convention. I find that 01.jpg; 02.jpg; 03.jpg works best ...

I recently found a slideshow for Flickr. Not a very 'pretty-looking' stack and not at all flexible, just a slideshow on a black background, with thumbnails below it. It solves the problem, though, of training the customer to produce his/her images/thumbnails and upload them to the correct directory on the server. Instead, create a library on Flickr; load it into the stack; finished. The customer can swap out as many gallery/portfolio images as he/she wants, simply by uploading them to the Flickr Library.


It was by chance that I recently discovered Flickrgram from Yuzool Themes. Not a new stack, but one that solves the problem of galleries in a very elegant fashion while integrating seamlessly within your site's theme.
The method is the same as described above, except that it is possible to define up to five different Flickr libraries. The libraries are displayed in a masonry CMS.

Add up to 5 categories in the HUD (set IDs); hide or display the categories; change the category colours; set the default category ("All" or the library name) - the rest is done automatically. Anytime the Flickr feed is, it will automatically appear here in your Flickr CMS gallery.

Oh, and you may have deduced from the name that the stack works with Instagram too!


ß — Beta Testing

ß   I've not blogged in a while, purely and simply because I've been beta-testing for a couple of developers.

Time consuming, I can tell you ...

NDAs stipulate that I'm not allowed to tell, yet, but Joe Workman and Marten Claridge (RapidWeaverCentral) both have some amazing new stacks arriving very, very soon.

Stay Tuned!


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